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Komorebi dance project (Mexico)

Collaboration with dancer Dora Hagerman and musician Hector Murrieta. My brushwork has been applied to become part of the performance in the form of a video installation.

ArtRods, wire sculpture (USA)

Experimental artwork using this new fascinating material created my Max Schafer. Work in process.

Elmer the elephant, Sculpture trail (Ipswich UK) 

Design selected to be painted on one of the elephants for the sculpture trail from June 2019 in Ipswich. It will last until the end of September and there is also a map available to follow the trail.

origami decoration for wedding


Work on commission. The price varies depending of the type of origami and size of event. if interested please contact us.

Recent commission

Recent plant illustrations for a company in London. 

new ongoing project


New book - "mindful artist, birds and botanicals"

The book will be released in November 2021. Check my book page then. You can also read about it

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