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Mandala art 

Testimonial by Shante Kumar

While I have known of the power of Mandala to help with deepening a meditation, I had NO idea how powerful they are in helping to heal deep wounds.

Working with Monika and her Magical Mandalas has allowed me open myself to aspects of my personality and being, to understand some of my deep-set fears, drives and desires.

I think Monika has a unique gift for using mandala. She is warm, generous, calm and exudes love.

I am so blessed to have met and worked with her. I look forward to many more opportunities to do so in the future.

Dream builder Testimonial by Wendy Charlton


I started the Dream-builder programme with Monika in October 2018. At the time I had space in my busy life to apply myself fully which is important as it requires some effort and commitment. In relation to a lifetime though it is only a short amount of time to make that dedication. At first, I found it difficult to visualise and create something which is further on in the future, however I soon realised the usefulness of writing down my dream in detail.


The exercises, audio recordings and weekly contact with Monika helped me to recognise my thoughts, beliefs and fears which were holding me back from achieving my dream. It’s important to be honest with yourself during this process and to really tease out any insecurities you may have. Again, the act of writing is a useful aid in getting deep inside the mind, I found it cathartic, clarifying and cleansing. It’s also a great way to record everything so that you can re-visit and remind yourself of the work done.


I found the audio recordings helped in that they provided interesting examples of people’s personal stories and useful affirmations to keep me going on the dream builder journey. I see myself as still on this journey and I’m now more grateful and appreciative of the familiar and overlooked things in life. I have a much better approach to dealing with thoughts and feelings about failure. Again, the writing helps to map out where these ideas come from, helping to move you on from thoughts and behaviour patterns which hold you back.


There are parts of the programme which can be more difficult to tackle than others. For example, I struggled with the exercises on listening to intuition and found that I had to work hard to tap into mine. I tend to over-think things and ignore my feelings of intuition. It’s an ongoing journey, learning to tune-in and turn up the frequency. Also, I’m fiercely independent preferring not to ask other people in my life for support. The gift of feedback and partners in-believing exercises have really encouraged me to be more open and let go of this fear.


Overall, I have found Dream-builder to be extremely beneficial at a time in my life when I felt it was really needed and wanted. A few months has gone by since I completed the programme and I am feeling, seeing the benefits every day. This only encourages me more to keep on going and I can refer back to the programme materials whenever I need. I also found it useful when listening to the audio recordings and the conversations with Monika to make notes in a book that can be easily carried around. This programme has worked better for me than anything else that I have tried as it provides an inclusive and holistic approach.

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